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Welcome to TheSyberSite! I do hope you enjoy your visit.

This is where I'm attempting, in a leisurely sort of way, to consolidate quite a few things of mine that have been collecting in various other locations on (and off) the net. I just have to advise visitors in advance of a few things... I don't update the site very frequently, and some of the material is pretty old. There's no fancy eye candy here, and probably never will be. The presentation is as simple as possible, just basic HTML and media files. Note also there are no advertisements or click-through affiliate links here either, and probably never will be. I don't wish to subject my visitors to that. Anyway, feel free to have a look around...

    Articles: These are projects and observations involving the Konica Minolta 5D and Sony A55/A77 digital cameras. I'm always looking into simple, inexpensive ways to do interesting things with photography, and I have plans to add more articles.

    Downloads: Some PDF user manuals for Minolta, Roland, and Parker products. In the future I might post additional manuals and brochures, or other things.

    Portfolios: This might eventually become the area for displaying some of my photography, music, video, and 3D modeling work. At present it just provides a link to a few of my photographs.

    Links: I also have good intentions of listing links to other places of interest, but I never seem to get it done! We'll see.

    About: General stuff about me and the site. 

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