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Konica Minolta DSLR - General Documentation:
5D Guide Book, Dynax version (1MB PDF)
5D Guide Book, Maxxum version (1MB PDF)
5D Instruction Manual, Dynax/Maxxum (3.5MB PDF) 

Konica Minolta DSLR - Service Manuals:
5D Service Manual Set (5MB ZIP) contains these eight documents...

2186 Parts Modification List
2186 Service Manual Check List
2186 Service Manual Index
2186 Service Manual Parts List
2186 Service Manual Repair Guide
2186 Service Manual Specifications
2186 Service Manual Troubleshooting Chart
2186 Supplementary Information

7D Service Manual Set (5MB ZIP) contains these eight documents...

2181 Parts Modification List
2181 Service Manual Check List
2181 Service Manual Index
2181 Service Manual Parts List
2181 Service Manual Repair Guide
2181 Service Manual Specifications
2181 Service Manual Troubleshooting Chart
2181 Supplementary Information 

Konica Minolta DSLR - Adjustment Program:
2186 Adjustment Program(1MB ZIP)

Konica Minolta Flash:
5600HS (D) Instruction Manual(1.5MB PDF)

Roland Synthesizer:
D-20 Owner's Manual Volume 1 (1.6MB PDF)
D-20 Owner's Manual Volume 2 (13MB PDF)

Parker Fly Guitar:
Parker Guitars Handbook - 1995 (8.6MB PDF)
Parker Fly Handbook - 2004 (4.7MB PDF)